What is LAM?

Ladies Artisan Market


Dedicated to helping women thrive personally and professionally.


Ladies Artisan Market (LAM) is a female-owned and operated business that creates, facilitates, and operates live and online marketplaces, events, conferences, workshops/trainings, coffee dates, and networking events for women in business. We support businesswomen through empowerment, inspiration, education, collaboration, and networking opportunities that promote both personal and business growth. LAM runs a multifaceted, value-packed free private Facebook group composed of over 1,700 local Hawai’i island businesswomen, entrepreneurs, artists, and entertainers. In January 2021, LAM expanded on our free offerings and now includes a fee-based membership program in which members are given access to instruction and inspiration from experts and other successful businesswomen, enabling them to take steps to achieve their goals and find their version of success in our Whole Business Woman Academy.


The Whole Business Woman Academy


The Whole Business Woman Academy provides an opportunity for women to learn + explore essential business-oriented concepts over (12) monthly modules. 

The Whole Business Woman Academy encompasses a whole-istic undercurrent of personal wellness and development paired with accountability partners, monthly challenges, and a supportive community in our Academy Sisterhood Facebook group.


Thrive Professional & Personally

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